In the Know: Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds, simply grown in a controlled laboratory environment.

There are two different methods used to produce lab-grown diamonds: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP).

In the CVD growing process, diamonds form under moderate temperature and low pressure when a diamond seed is placed in a vacuum chamber filled with carbon-containing gas. 

During the HTHP growing process, diamonds form under high temperature and pressure, mimicking the natural conditions of the earth's mantle. 

All other diamonds which are not created in a lab, and instead sourced from the earth, are considered “earth-mined” diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than earth-mined, typically commanding only a fraction of the price of their earth-mined counterpart. 

It is generally understood that lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable and have a lesser impact on the environment than earth-mined diamonds, as no mining is required.

While methods are still being explored, it is important to note that not all lab-grown diamonds are devoid of environmental impact.

Since lab growing methods attempt to distill billions of years worth of heat, pressure and carbon, naturally provided by the earth, into a short 1-2 month growing period, energy usage and output is an inevitable byproduct. 

Depending on the exact method of formation and practices of each individual lab, degrees of sustainability will vary.

For example, some labs focus solely on using renewable energy to produce their diamonds in an effort to offset byproduct produced by the growing process.

Strides are also being made to improve technology, processes and cutting techniques to yield a larger range of cuts, colors and clarities within the lab-grown diamond space.

For an industry heavily rooted in tradition, it is refreshing to see progress and continued innovation democratizing the exclusivity of diamonds. 

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