In the Know: Grey and Salt & Pepper Diamonds

"Grey diamond" is a general term used to describe a diamond whose mineral inclusions result in its overall grey color.

Grey diamonds should not be confused with fancy-colored diamonds, which are much rarer, and can fit into the clarity and color grades put in place by the Gemological Institute of America to characterize their value.

Grey diamonds range widely in opacity from icy to milky and in color from light to dark.

Depending on the specific minerals present in the earth’s deposit during their formation, grey diamonds can include secondary or even tertiary color undertones such as green, brown or copper.

Similarly, and often categorized together, are salt & pepper diamonds. Just as the name suggests, these are diamonds whose visible black and white pinpoint inclusions create their recognizable “peppered” look.

Inevitable variation in color, density, pattern and distribution of these inclusions gives each diamond its own unique character. Some appear more mottled, others slightly grey and even few with high clarity and minimal peppered inclusions.

Within the salt & pepper category, there is a subset of diamonds often referred to in the industry as “brown sugar" diamonds.

Still with visible inclusions in varying patterns like salt & pepper diamonds, "brown sugar" refers generally to the overall color payoff of the stone as being more honey or champagne toned than grey or black.

As with grey diamonds, salt & pepper and brown sugar diamonds also range widely in pattern, saturation and opacity. After all, each one is truly one-of-a-kind!

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