Talking to Ava and Eva Bai of Vale Jewelry

JCK | Talking to Ava and Eva Bai of Vale Jewelry

The slice is right at Vale Jewelry, where sisters Ava and Eva Bai create super-delicate ready-to-layer gold and diamond delights.

A world of tiny treasures awaits in the midtown Manhattan showroom of Vale Jewelry, where twin sisters Ava and Eva Bai create ultra-delicate 14k gold rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. There’s not a chunky choker in sight, but Vale’s beautifully crafted pieces make a quiet statement of their own, attracting a devoted clientele who appreciate the designers’ eye for unique stones and settings.

To understand the Vale aesthetic, it helps to meet Ava and Eva—which fans of their brand get to do at trunk shows, monthly events in their sunny showroom, and retail boutiques. Dressed in minimalist silk blouses, their dark hair long and sleek, they’re impossible to tell apart, though Ava helpfully wears navy blue, in contrast to Eva’s black...

Featuring Eva and Ava Bai, Vale Jewelry co-founders 

March 1, 2015
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