In the Know: Rose Cut Diamonds

Created during the Victorian Era to glisten under candlelight, rose cuts are characterized by a domed, fully faceted top, and a flat base.

With no pavilion, or bottom “V” portion to the stone, rose cut diamonds weigh less in carat weight than a full-cut diamond with similar top-down dimensions.

In appearance, rose cuts offer a subtle reflective shimmer, different to the sparkling refraction of a brilliant cut.

A recent rise in the interest of vintage and antique jewels has influenced industry production of more rose cuts than we’ve likely seen since the cut was popularized during the Georgian and Victorian eras.

Whether you are looking for an antique rose cut from times past, or one that has been fashioned in today's modern age, their subtlety is nothing shy of alluring!

We love low-profile settings, warm gold tones and understated, vintage inspired designs to highlight rose cut diamonds.

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